About YSR

Welcome to Yacht Surface Restoration (YSR), one of the foremost detailing companies in South Florida and around the world. YSR focuses on yacht care and cosmetic maintenance to provide the best finish and protection possible in several key areas: paint, gelcoat, glass, metal, teak, plastic, acrylic, and polycarbonate.
But there are four areas that separate us from our competition:

1. An established and well trained crew – Most of our employees have spent years as crew on yachts before joining the YSR team. We understand what owners, captains and crews need, as well as the professionalism, look and etiquette of the yachting industry. We work around your yacht’s busy schedule, while providing the best service possible.

2. Cutting edge cleaning and polishing techniques – We rely on the Lat 26° Multi Step System for our paint, gelcoat, glass polishing, metal polishing and teak sanding. We have perfected our own proven techniques which provide results rarely matched by other detailing companies.

3. The newest and best products on the market – There are always new products coming out on the market. Some are good, while others fail to meet the mark. After years of extensive testing the vast majority of products on the market, YSR has partnered with Lat 26° marine products, which repeatedly provides the best results on a variety of yachts, beating the competition hands down.

4. Top of the line tools – Since YSR works on a variety of surfaces, we use a variety of tools chosen for their specific abilities in providing the best finishes possible. Some of the brand names we employ include: Fein, Metabo, Makita, DeWalt, Porter Cable, Flex, Festool, Milwaukee and several others. Having the right tool allows us to get whichever surface we are working on to the next level of quality and finish.