Polishing and Removal of :

  • Water Spots
  • Micro Scratches
  • Discoloration
  • Contaminates


  1. Hydrophobic coating sacrificial (temporary)
  2. Hydrophobic coatings (one to three year protection systems)

There is a wide variety of marine glass on the market today; Understanding the different properties of each type of glass is a skill that comes with training and experience.

Marine glass is by and large tempered. Notwithstanding the minutia between the different types, the glass is made to withstand high pressures enacted on it (waves) and the sea conditions; mainly exposure to the sun and saltwater. While most glass does a good job of staying in one piece, the conditions of the marine environment lend itself to the degradation of the surface appearance. Etched in water spots, discoloration, micro-scratches, nicks, etching and gouges are all common problems found in the industry.

We at Yacht Surface Restoration have used the services and products on the market and developed our own system for dealing with the most common of these problems. Using the most advanced and effective polishing techniques and coatings on the market today. We have developed a system for eliminating waters spots, discoloration, micro-scratches and contamination on the surface. Furthermore our hydrophobic coatings provide UV and saltwater protection for over a year.