• Multi-step deep cleaning and polishing system
  • Restoration of heavily oxidized paint
  • Superior swirl free finish
  • Professional wet sanding
  • Permanent coatings

Yacht Surface Restoration understands the care needed to keep the surface of a yacht looking great while adding years to the life of the paint.

Today’s marine paints provide more color choices, finishes and even effects than anytime in the history of yachting but they can also be a source of frustration. Marine paint and more precisely marine paint used in the recreational boating industry is made up of various polyurethane and polyester paints. The surfaces of which vary greatly. Some paints are soft while others are hard, some paints have “patinas” and some do not, some paints cure in 5 days while others cure in 30 days, some paints can be compounded while other paints cannot. Added to this are the new “effect” finishes such as metallic, flat, satin and even paints that seem to change color depending on the angle. Finally their life expectancy varies anywhere from 5-10 years.

Marine paints today have a variety of issues as well. Starting with the paint job itself, paint companies vary widely in their knowledge and skill of applying paint. These differences are usually, but not always, reflected in the price differences of the paint job. The most prolific problems with paint jobs today is as follows: Improper mil thickness (too thin), polishing paint before its properly cured, orange peel texture, and not properly sanding the surface before shooting causing scratches to show up through the new paint.

The second major issue is even if the boat’s paint job is done well, the environment is by its very nature corrosive. Sun, Salt and Water all contribute to the inevitable decay of the paint. Starting with the oxidation of the surface, discoloration and the eventual failure of the topcoat.

The third major issue with paint today is improper care of the surface. There are a lot of marine products on the market today and a lot of these that can hurt the surface of the paint. Strong acids used to remove stains from the surface, 2 part teak cleaners, even boat soaps that aren’t thoroughly rinsed can cause the life of the paint to fail prematurely.

Yacht Surface Restoration utilizes its in-depth knowledge of the various paint problems and tailors a solution for each individual boat we work on. Every vessel has a variation of the problems listed above and there is no “one size fits all” solution to these problems. Through our extensive experience and cutting edge techniques along with employing the latest yet proven sealants today, we can restore the surface of the paint and preserve it far beyond its intended design.